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    Marketing Tips That Seem Out Of The Box

    Every band is always looking for an edge on their competition to really market their music in a creative way to stand out from everyone else. Most bands will put together their marketing campaign with social media, retail and a strong publicity push. It does take a bit more than that to really grab the attention of everyone. You want something that is unique to your band and your fans. Let’s get creative.

    The best way to market is to really know and understand your fans. Get to know what your fans like to wear. This will give you the upper hand when it comes time to decide what kind of merchandise you will be selling. Find out what music (besides your own) that they like to listen to and seriously consider covering some of those songs. Have open chats with your fans so you can engage with them. Interaction is always key when it comes to marketing.

    Don’t be afraid to hang out with your fans. Once a month, post on social media where you will be hanging out and invite everyone to meet you. Create real memories with your fans and not just at your shows. Let them feel like they are going to see a “friend’s band.”

    Collaborating with new artists is a great way to reach a new fan base. Try going as far as writing a song with these bands, or singing back up vocals on one of their songs. Let new people see and hear you anyway that you can.

    Support something you truly believe in. Get your band involved in a local charity or in a group to raise awareness for something greater than you are. This is also a good way to get your fans involved in something that is important to you besides your music as well as doing something good for someone else. Playing a benefit show for a cause is one of the greatest ways to get attention from a lot of new people.

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