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    Overlooked Career Paths In Music

    You don’t have to be a guitar God to have a career in music. There are other directions that you can go in that will still allow you to have a career in music. You can actually make a living off of these!


    Music journalists are a way to be in all the actions without having to get up on stage, sing your heart out and play rock star. Your average salary is about $25,000 a year. You also have the opportunity to earn over $70,000 a year depending on how well known you become. You just have to be a great writer. You can take it in so many different directions. You can write about local music events, CD reviews, even reviews, stories about a band or anything that is music related. You are actually the person that bands want to come to so you can help spread the word about them. There are so many places that you can write now thanks to the internet. You can still stick with news papers and magazines, but blogs and internet publishings have become so popular now these days.

    You can get into fixing musical instruments. Every musician is bound to bring their instrument in for repair at some point. Why not be the person they bring it in to? Salaries can be pretty sweet! The better you get at fixing instruments, the more celebrities will come to you. Hey, you could be fixing the guitar of someone famous and get to play it while you’re making sure you fixed the problem. Lucky you.

    If you want to help people, music therapy is a great way to go. You can rocket your salary by picking this path. Music has been used to heal for centuries. It does require schooling, but everything you would want to do requires gaining knowledge.

    If you’re not the one to get up on stage there are hundreds of different jobs that you can get yourself into that will still keep you in the music industry.

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