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    People You Don’t Need In Your Life

    There are many types of people in the world. There are people that lift you up, people that bring you down, people that are just there, people you wish weren’t there and the list goes on. The music industry is tough enough with a lot of emotions constantly running through your body. Here are the people you really don’t need in your life as a musician trying to live out your dream.

    The pessimistic person: These are the people that no matter what is going on in the world, they will always find the negative in the situation. Let’s just say you got booked at the Stone Pony. For most musicians, this is a HUGE deal, especially if you’re independent. So many legends have played there.. and it does hold a good amount of people. So leave the person that says, “well, you got booked there, but you’ll never sell that many tickets.” Screw them! You’re playing an awesome venue with a chance to make new fans to potentially one day, sell it out on your own. THAT person won’t be on your guest list!

    The “Yes” People: Ok.. we all like to have people agree with us and think we walk on water, but we also need people to keep our feet on the ground. If someone is telling you everything you are doing is the right things and that everything you are doing is awesome, it’s going to throw you off your path faster than you think. It’s good to get advice, but you always need pros and cons, because there always will be pros and cons.

    The Time Stealers: So yes, you need to have a social life outside of being in a band, but those people need to understand that your music is a business and they can’t be such attention whore. You need people that will understand that you may not always be able to devote all of your attention to them at times without them making you feel guilty about it.



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