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    People You Don’t Need In Your Life: Part Two

    There are many types of people in the world. There are people that lift you up, people that bring you down, people that are just there, people you wish weren’t there and the list goes on. The music industry is tough enough with a lot of emotions constantly running through your body. Here are the people you really don’t need in your life as a musician trying to live out your dream.

    Lazy People: Lazy people can be the worst. They always say you can become a product of your environment. If you have a strong drive to pursue your music career and you’re hanging out with a bunch of lazy people, odds are your plans for your own success will become put off to do something less productive. Stay away from the laziness and surround yourself with people that have the same drive and ambition as you do.

    People That Hang On: Do not let anyone ride your coat tails. If you feel like people are just hanging around so they can gain something when you become famous, let them go now. You can tell you is truly pushing for you or who is just hanging on until you make it. “I knew them when..” Stop that before it starts and then you happen to feel obligated to give these leaches something. They are using you.

    The Musician With An Ego: You’re all in the same game and yes, there will be competition, but be humble about it. You don’t want to hangout with someone that acts like they are better than everyone. Odds are, if they are still hanging out in your area, they haven’t made it as big as they think. Don’t be put down or made to feel like you are less of a musician by their egos. You shouldn’t tolerate that. You need positive people and musicians that are willing to help and network.


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