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    Losers You Don’t Want In Your Band

    Being in a band can be tough enough. There are so many different personalities. Creative people tend to have the most out there ones. Even with all of the good people that you could have in your band, there are some people that should set off a red flag when you are putting together a new band or auditioning a new member. Either way, the types of people described below are the type of people that you don’t want in your band.

    You are obviously starting a band or getting a new member because you are serious about what you do and want to make it a career. You would like to practice at least once a week and gig three times a month. So who do you not want to be a part of your adventure? You do not want a person that is in 15 other bands. They will not be able to devote the time to your band because they will be pulled in so many different directions. Not only will you be juggling the schedule of the other people in your band, but now you are dealing with the schedule of those 15 other bands that are competing from this person’s time. You’re better off not giving yourself the headache.

    You’re not famous yet, so you’re probably lugging your own equipment from your house to practice, from practice to a gig, from a gig back to practice and so one. Obviously the drummer has the most stuff to carry and your guitar amp is pretty damn heavy. You don’t want someone who is lazy and unwilling to help. When you are done gathering your own equipment, you should be offering help to your fellow band members. No one finds it fun to move around all the equipment. (If you do, you become a roadie). So you don’t want someone who is all about themselves. You don’t need them.

    You’re a musician. Odds are (if you’re not living a completely sober lifestyle) you are off the wall crazy partying. FASLE! If you and your band can nicely go play a show, kick back a couple of beers and leave without causing a scene, that is great. The person you don’t want?? That jerk who is pounding back shots, causing fights with the people in the venue and should probably go home to sleep it off. Your band will look bad because your one member can’t hold their own. Think about the image you want.

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