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    Perfect Your Band’s Social Media Strategy

    We all know that social media is becoming the new way of promoting your band. Even though it shouldn’t be the only way you are spreading the word, we have a way to perfect using your online tools. You need to learn how to keep people’s attention with strong content. Social media can help you build your band’s brand. Like everything else, your social media sites should have a good balance.

    Building Your Brand – about 70% of your efforts should be used towards building your brand on social media sites. What is your story? Try posting pictures of yourself in the studio, write a post letting your fans know how much you appreciate them. They love you, so thank them for it. Your fans love anything that is “behind the scenes”. So at your next show, take a little video of the things you do before you take the stage to play. It gives them an inside look of who you are those moments before you go on stage to steal their hearts.

    You want to build a story behind your band. This is what creates your brand. Your brand is so important and will separate you from everyone else.

    Share Posts From Other Bands – Yes, we know you want to be focused on you, but it will actually help you in more ways than you think. Take about 20% of your posts and share a new album release of a band you played with recently or would like to play with in the future. You need to show support for the people in your network. Believe us, they will do the same for you. If something cool is happening for one of your own band member, (maybe they are working on a side project) promote that on your page as well. People love to read about you, but they also love to read about what you’re interested in as well.

    Self Promotion –Although you may think this is the most, your page should only have about 10% of it’s content towards self promotion. Yes, if you have a huge event coming up, like a CD release, by all means share away. The truth behind good promotion on social media is a blend. People will pay more attention to your Self Promotion plugs if you have other posts on your page. No one wants to read, “Me, Me & Me!!” all of the time. You just become another post that people scroll right through because they are so used to seeing you only post about YOUR shows and upcoming events. By making it less frequent, you will catch the attention of your fans and others when you slip in a post about your next show.

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