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    Pitch Your Band Without PR

    Being an independent musician you are on a budget. You aren’t being backed by a major label, but you still need to do all of the work that goes in to making your band successful. Here is how you can pitch your band without a PR.

    Start networking and making friends with local press, radio stations and promoters. They are good people to know and to have on your team. It’s not only good to make friends with these locals to help you out now, but if one of them breaks into the main stream before you do, now you have an even better connection.

    There is a fine line between being persistent and just being annoying. Do not contact these people daily. Odds are, they will block your calls and just delete your e-mails without even opening them up. Once a week is good enough unless it is a time pressing issue. Then we suggest once at the beginning and once almost towards the end of the week as more of a reminder.

    Do things for free in your local area. Play a free show for a local organization or charity that is coming through your area. See if you can get a guest blog spot in your local paper. Offer free music lessons once a month at the community center. Do something to get your name out there in a positive way while helping the people around you out. You’ll be surprised at the support that you get back.

    Yes, you want to be a rock star, but you still need to be professional at all times. (well, most of the time.)

    They say if you want something done, just do it yourself. They are right. You know best what you want so why would you pass the job off to someone else? Doing favors is fine. You can get involved with other local bands. You can promote their show next Saturday if they promote your new CD. Work with people that way. It will help both of you gain fans!

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