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    Problems Your Publicist Can’t Fix

    Sometimes as an independent musician, you might back yourself into a corner over something you did or said. We would like to think that by hiring someone to fix our problems, that a magic wand will be waved and all of your problems will go away. The sad truth is that there are problems that your publicist just can’t fix. Let’s explore those so you can try to avoid them from happening in the first place.

    So, maybe you have a lack of fans or not as many fans as you would like. That is not for your publicist to fix for you. They can get you media coverage and help push your name out there, but they can’t actually fix the fact that people are not turning into fans and loving your music. That is only something that you can fix.

    A publicist is not your manager. They won’t wear two hats (unless you pay them to) They aren’t the person you need to be running your day to day lives as a band. Hire a manager for that.

    Your publicist can get your music out there, but same as not being able to get you fans, they can’t get the media to love your music.  Again, only you can fix this.

    A publicist needs something to work with. So if you’re trying to create a buzz about playing in a run down bar that no one has heard of, it’s not going to happen and they can’t make it happen. They need something to actually work with. If you have a new CD coming out or even new merch, they can run with that and get people excited over it. Not everything you do is going to create a buzz and you need to understand that. They can only do so much.


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