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    Promote Your Album Indepdently

    Congratulations! You’ve just released your first album. It is a very exciting time for a band. Hell, it’s like holding a baby in your arms. Then it hits you. Now what?

    You need to build a hype before and after your album drops. As an independent musician, you don’t have a huge highly paid team doing all of your footwork. This is your time to take your band to a new level. It’s here and now to expand your horizons and reach as many people as you can with your music.

    A great way to really push your CD sales independently is to employ your fans. We already know that they love your music. If people feel they have contributed something meaningful to a project they are more likely to share with their friends. Offer out a free band t-shirt, signed CD or hangout day with the band for the fan that shares your music the most. Once you have a great soundtrack, it’s that much easier to make a video. See how many people you can get to share that video online. You will be amazed at how far it travels.

    We all know the live show can be used to build up local hype around your album after the release. It’s pretty common practice to have an album release show or party and then set off on a tour, but you need to be thinking about how you can take this strategy to the next level and deliver something that will really get your fans excited while simultaneously spreading the word about your album. Doing a mini house concert tour in your local area is a great way to give your biggest fans something extra special. Who doesn’t love a good house party?!

    The hardest part of being an independent musician is the lack of funding. Luckily in today’s world, Social Media is one of the biggest tools that we have right at our fingertips. Get people excited about your music. Involve your fans. They will be the one to bring new people out to your shows. Promote the hell out of your album because you should be proud of all the hard work that went into it.


    [Reprinted From:http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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