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    Publishing For The Rest Of Us

    There are several different ways to make money in the music business. Sometimes you hear a lot of terms thrown around and you are thinking, “What the hell?” Royalties, publishing rights, copyrights, mechanical royalties, licensing, trademarking and many more are enough to make your head spin. All you just want to do is make and perform the music you love.  We are going to skim the waters on publishing can work the most to your advantage. (If you’re into that sort of thing)

    What is publishing? To break it down lightly, publishing is the ownership of songs. To break it down even more, publishing is about money. When it comes to money, a song is broken down into two parts. Who wrote the lyrics and who wrote the music. You know when you hear those terrible songs on the “Hit Music” station over and over again? You’re probably thinking with all that air play they must be rich! WRONG! 90% (We are just making an estimate here) percent of the artists you hear have nothing to do with the writing of that song. Sure they are on the air with their perfectly auto tuned voices, but they don’t see one cent from publishing.

    Again, this is where the mechanical loyalty comes in. You are entitled to 91 cents every time your song is played. Let’s say the song you wrote was playing on radio stations nationwide 100,000 times a week. You would be getting a nice fat check for $91,000. Songwriting is a huge potential money maker. Think of all of the TV commercials you see and how many times you actually see that same commercial per day. Now imagine all of the people around the world watching these commercials on different networks, on different cable providers. I’m pretty sure you get the picture now. Being a song writer (Publisher) is where the money starts pouring in. If you write one amazing song that gets a killer amount of air time and a commercial, TV show or movie deal, you could be financially set for the rest of your life.

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