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    Reasons Why Your Fans Hate Your Website

    It is always an important thing to have your own website and not to rely only on social media websites for your fans to connect with you. Your own website will give you more freedom to keep consistency with your brand, but why do some fans complain about a band’s website? Sometimes they can be confusing or simply set up weird. We have a few ideas on how you can prevent your fans from hating your website.

    Most people these days do everything from their mobile devices. If your website doesn’t fully function on a cell phone or tablet, your fans aren’t going to rush home to their computers to see what you posted. Make sure it is mobile device friendly.

    Intro pages on your website are useless unless you are promoting a new album, special contest or a huge show. Don’t waste their time by making them click through your intro page. Bring them right to the good stuff!

    Too much content on your pages will cause your fans to not even bother looking at anything. We are the generation of short attention spans, so keep all of your pages direct and to the point.

    Why have a website if you never update it? People click on websites for the most up to date information. If your fans go to your website and it hasn’t been updated in several months, they are missing out on new shows and information that will make them not even bother to see what you’re up to.

    We understand that most musicians are on a budget, but if you spend money on something, buy your domain name. Nobody likes to have to wait through an ad every time they want to get to a new page on your site. It’s annoying. We have all been there. Don’t do it to your fans. Spend the money to eliminate ads so they can navigate through your page with ease.



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