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    Reasons You Aren’t Finishing Your Songs And How To Fix That

    Song writing isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do especially if there is pressure on you to do so. Sometimes a song will just pour out of you faster than you can write it down and record a rough mix and other times you could be looking at the same little notes you made for months. It’s amazing how a writer’s mind works. We are going to try to help you get to the bottom of your issue and how you can actually fix this minor problem.

    Sometimes  if you are writing too much, you never really get to finish something. It’s like when you make a to-do list and there are way too many things on it. So you try to at least start everything, but you never come back around to finishing everything and you are left with a dozen unfinished projects.  Make it a point to work on one song at a time until you actually have something that is finished, complete and you are happy about it.

    We all go through dry spells. That’s normal. We can feel every emotion all of the time and sometimes it is hard to reach down to those places to be inspired enough to get a good song out of it. A great way to fix this problem is to keep a journal. When you feel like you’re in a writing rut, look back at all of the feelings you wrote down in that journal and pull your inspirations from there.

    When you lock ourselves in to try to write, we forget there is a whole world of music outside of us. We found that if you are having trouble writing your own music, for whatever the reason, go see a band that inspires you live. Sometimes just being in the room with different energy will allow you to tap back into yourself.



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