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    The Low Budget EP That Works

    As an independent musician, money doesn’t flow through our pockets as often as we would like it to. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could record an EP on a very limited budget? It is actually possible!

    Take the time to make a rough demo at home before you walk into a studio. There is free recording software out there. Get all of your ideas recorded on something that way you are not wasting time trying to figure out parts in the studio. Studio time can be very costly, so you should be as prepared as possible before you even think about stepping foot in to one of them.

    We are sure you know who the big name studios are in your area, but they will cost you. The more popular the studio, the more their hourly or session rates are. Look for and undiscovered professional. Do your research and sit down with them before you agree to do anything. Ask who they have worked with, recorded, what kind of equipment they use and where they got their education from. Just like you, they can be a no name yet with an abundance of talent that won’t cost you as much as someone with a name that you are paying for.

    Find out what your money is going to get you. Sometimes they will charge you one flat fee for a “session.” This may or may not include your recording time, mixing, editing and mastering. Ask what is included in the fee. You don’t want to spend money and find out it is just for the recording and then you are left with an unfinished piece of nothing. Get all of the details about what is included in your price quote.

    If any of your friends just happen to be in the recording aspect of music, why not use them! You can even trade your talents. Offer to be a studio musician whenever they need if they record your CD. You’ll both be helping each other out and you’ll be getting a free recording.

    It’s all about putting the time in to research what you’re doing and being prepared once you are all set. Anything is possible.

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