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    Renew Your Focus On Your Music Career

    When you’re an independent musician, there are a hundred reasons why your focus can be taken away from your music. You probably still have to work, when you’re done with work you probably go home and take care of your home, the kids the dog or whatever shares your living space. You need to food shop, do laundry, clean. You probably try to work out to stay in shape after working too. You still need to make time for friends and socializing outside of music, all while going to band practice, marketing and promoting your band and putting on shows.. So yeah, we get it. Your focus most of the day is probably anywhere but your music.

    When you feel like you’re disconnected from your music, remember all of the positive reasons that you decided to go for this in the first place. Odds are, when you start thinking about your band playing in front of thousands of people, touring, making CDs and everything else, you’ll feel that spark light right back up in your heart.

    Sometimes all it takes is to watch an old movie about the history of some great musician or band to amp you up. Seeing that the person who is now an icon probably did the same things you were doing, but is now where you want to be can inspire you to shift your focus back to your music career.

    Time management has always been most peoples biggest problem. Just like you were back in college juggling a job, 6 classes, way too many papers, exams and midterms you need to set small goals for each of these and priorities. This will help you feel less stressed and actually able to accomplish everything. Set aside.. Your work hours.. Monday – Clean house for 1 hour, Play music for 1 hour – do ____ for 1 hour.. You’re building yourself a schedule that will allow you to get your music back in your every day life. It is important to keep that passion because really, what is the point of living if we can’t live it full of passion?

    If music is your heart and soul, but life is getting in the way of it, you need to do whatever you can to squeeze in time for your music. Your heart needs to feel something powerful like that or you will continue to burn out by the daily grind of life.

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