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    Should We Waste Time With Songwriting Competitions?

    We all know that songwriting is truly where all of the money comes in. If you have one hit song being played somewhere you can pretty much band that you will have royalties coming in for a very long time. But what makes that hit song and how do we get it heard? Is it worth it to send our songs into song writing competitions and have them examined by “professionals.”? Song writing competitions have been going on way longer than our TV giants American Idol, The Voice and The X Factor. They go back to before you electronically submitted your songs through SonicBid. Instead you actually mailed in your CD or cassette tape, with a sheet of lyrics and the entry form. (Plus usually a check). It was definitely a longer process years ago.

    Songwriting competitions can provide huge opportunities for songwriters of every genre. In addition to the potential cash prizes and publishing deals that come along with doing well, songwriters get their music heard and critiqued by top songwriters and industry professionals – an invaluable experience for anyone who’s ever written a song. One such competition, one of the largest and perhaps most prestigious of its kind is the International Song Writing Competition. Famous musicians and CEOs of the recording industry are actually a part of this panel judging the songs. That sounds pretty good if your songs gets chosen.

    With the shifting of the industry, there are fewer opportunities these days for artists to get signed and artists are becoming more proactive. They’re looking for every alternative way to get exposure and songwriting competitions are great for that. It’s not like where you enter a competition where the prize is purely something tangible like car, and you only get the car should you win. Winners of songwriting competitions get respect, exposure, and also a lot of validation. Many musicians struggle most of their career with validation, even self-validation.

    Look, any exposure for your music (as long as it is in a positive manor) is good exposure. You’ll never regret submitting your music somewhere. It’s always better to take a chance. You will never know until you try. Someone may just pick your song out of the thousands of entries. Someone may just like your song enough to want to give you that record deal you have been longing for.

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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