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    Should You Join A Band Or Form Your Own?

    Being a band can be one of the most rewarding things as a musician. If you’re in a band that clicks it can be so much fun both on and off stage. With everything in life, there will be pros and cons of each scenario. In the end you have to decide what is the right thing for you to do and what would be the best for your music career. So, Should you join a band or form your own?

    Joining a band can be a great thing. Odds are this band is already somewhat established, so they should have connections to venues, booking agents and other great musicians. The great thing about this is that your networking circle has already been formed. By joining a band, you now have some status to your musicianship as well as the opportunity to work with some other really amazing musicians.

    The cons for joining a band is that you aren’t picking your band mates and you’ll probably have less creativity. The band you are joining already knows what they are looking for when they are searching for you. If the band has been together for a bit, they are probably already a tight knit group, which means for sometime you may feel like an outsider. You won’t always have full say in what songs you play out at shows and what you should do at practice. They will already have a game plan in mind.

    The Pros of forming your own band is you are in control. You get to pick who you want in your band. You have the say in when and where you want to practice and play. You get to design your dream plan from the beginning and watch it turn into reality from day one.

    The cons of forming your own band is almost linked to the pros. Since you started the band, you will pretty much be in control of everything and have a lot of responsibilities to make this band work. What you do will make the band successful or unsuccessful. You won’t have any contacts (unless you personally have been on the scene before) and you will be building a network from the foundation up.  It can be a lot of stress and extra work if you are not prepared to give it the attention it needs.


    You will know what is best for you and your music career. Most importantly, have fun!

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