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    Signs You’re Playing Too Many Gigs

    As a musician, all you want to do is play. If it were up to you, you would probably play a show every single night. It’s tough to do that when you’re not a famous band. So, how do you know when you’re playing too many gigs? There are a few signs that you need to look for.

    You’re playing your set and you’re noticing that your fans are starting to lose interest. This means that they have probably had their fair share of your music, but since they love you they still come out to support you. If you aren’t writing new music, even the best super fan is going to start losing interest.

    If you noticed were playing to a larger crowd and as the weeks go by it keeps getting smaller, you’re playing too much. If people know they can catch your band once a week, they are going to push off seeing you play and go do something new. You wouldn’t watch the same movie every Friday night, would you?

    If you’re exhausted, you’re playing too many gigs. Yeah, it’s tiring to play a show and sometimes you need the entire next day just to relax depending on how much energy you put into the show. Listen to your body and take a hint! Take a break from gigging so much.

    If you’re band is starting to fight and bicker, you’re spending too much time together which again, means that you’re playing too many gigs. It’s ok to take short breaks. It will actually allow you to appreciate your band more as well as give your fans the chance to miss you!

    When your equipment starts breaking, chill out. This means that you’re lugging your stuff around way too much and should give it a rest.

    One of the biggest signs is if you notice you’re not having fun up on that stage anymore. We can’t blame you for losing your lust. If you’re playing the same show, with the same songs, you’re going to lose your heart for it. Take some time to just write some new material, maybe even record or just take a vacation!

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