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    Singers: How To Help Heal A Sore Throat

    f you’re the leader singer of the band you understand that staying away from sick people is really important. You almost become lunatic about avoiding germs. Being the singer comes with a certain amount of extra pressure. For some reason you are the person of the band that people automatically put in the leader person. You are the front man (or woman). You’re the one that give the band a voice and that is a huge responsibility.  You, especially need to be on your game at all times.

    Unlike a guitar, your vocal tone WILL change if it is irritated. You won’t be able to hold out your power notes for as long if you’re having a little trouble breathing due to a cold.

    Pumping yourself up with over the counter cold medicine isn’t always the best idea, especially the day of a show.  Here are a few tips on how to help you heal that sore throat so you can take the stage like a champ!

    You want to start up by warming up those pipes. (You should always do that before a show.)  Hum while deep breathing, gently sing some of your softer songs, but please don’t over do anything. This is simply a warm up to get the blood flowing to those cords.

    Avoid abusing your voice throughout the day. Don’t talk for long periods of time, you will find your voice will get hoarse. Avoid whispering. This is stressful to your voice and will cause vocal fatigue.

    Vocal hydration is extremely important. They dry out very easily.(especially when talking or singing in dry, smoky atmospheres). So drink plenty of water.  There are a number of sprays and lozenges on the market which can help. Also steam inhalation is good at getting moisture onto your cords.

    You should incorporate all of this into a weekly routine just to stay on top of your vocals. If you don’t, don’t the road you can do some serious damage and never be able to sing again.

    Sex, drugs and rock & roll??!!! Yeah, that is basically out for you today. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke and no screaming… Take care of your voice and it will take care of you. Happy healing!


    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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