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    Some Mixing And Mastering Tips

    It’s always good to have some mixing and mastering tips up your sleeve. A lot of musicians are turning to the world of home recording because it is cheaper and they can record on their own time. You should always stay educated if that is the case for you, so we have some mixing and mastering tips that will help you earn your pro patch.

    So you’re all set. You’ve just recording your song track by track and now you are ready to mix and master this song so you can load it up on iTunes to make some money.

    One of the most important tasks when mixing and mastering is to get your low end frequencies just right. Sidechain compression and reduction EQ are going to be your two main tools for getting the job done. This will give your bass a little more of a groove and will prevent your speakers from getting clogged up with too much low end. The sidechain is what will give it a tighter bounce.

    Saturation is so important if you want to give yourself a fuller sound. Unsaturated mixes have the tendency to sound boring and stale. Beef up your mix by adding saturation to it. The most important tools in saturation are the drive and the wet/dry tool. Play around with it until you get the sound that you are looking for.

    When you’re recording you want to record in an area that will give you as little reverb as possible. You can always add in reverb, but you can’t take it out. Reverb is the last important must have in your mix and master. A little reverb will go a long way. You don’t want to add too much. Your vocals will begin to sound like you are singing in an empty building and they will sound fake. And a low to medium amount of reverb when you are mixing and mastering your tracks.

    Happy Recording.

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