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    Songwriting [A Blog From Autumn City]

    We have been so caught up in getting ready for the studio, recording, pressing the album, promoting the album and putting on a super successful CD release show that we haven’t really had the chance to write new music over the last three months. First, it is tough to figure out how much time should go by after releasing an album, that you should starting putting new songs into your set list. Being the song writer of the band, I was finding myself in almost a rut. Nothing was coming naturally. Lyrics were getting boring and the sounds from my guitar weren’t impressing me.

    We usually practice on Thursdays at our percussionists house. This was the first real practice that we had after our last 2 shows of pushing our CD release, “Tuesday’s Song.” I was able to write one song in the last few months, but again, nothing was coming to me. With the pressure of having to write another 9-11 CD worthy songs within the next year, I was feeling the stress.
    At practice we normally go over all of our songs just to keep them fresh. Instead I sat down with them, guitar in hand and I said, “Let’s do nothing…”  At first they kind of both just looked at me, but realized I must have had a method to my madness.

    I did. Creativity flows the best when you do nothing. When you open yourself up you allow all of the potential that is inside of you to come out. After a few moments of silence and just gazing at each other, I began to play some chords. My bass player quickly started following along and my percussionist laid down a sick beat. After jamming on that for about 5 minutes I began to just let the words flow freely, singing anything that came into my head. It was magic.

    By having the mindset of doing absolutely nothing at practice we wrote two knew songs and good songs.
    If you feel like you are in a rut with your music, take the time to do absolutely nothing. Free your mind of all of your thoughts, worries, stresses and just be still for a few moments or as many moments as it takes for you to begin to create again.

    You’ll be amazed with what comes out of doing nothing.

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