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    Spice Up Your Cover Songs!

    Cover songs are a great way to surprise your fans and add a little something extra to your set. They can be fun for everyone and they really get people singing along! Part of being a musician is having a good time. So how do you spice of that cover song that your band is going to play at your next gig? You’ve come to the right place.

    You can make a huge impact by changing the instrumentation of the song. For example, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana is a grunge song with an electric guitar, a bass and a full drum kit. Try changing it up with an acoustic guitar and a box drum for a different, but still completely rocking feel. Your fans will love that you made the cover song more of your own.

    Don’t be afraid to change the key of the song, especially if it helps you sound better. Singers know their range, so if your singer isn’t the best at hitting those higher notes, take it down an octave. Your fans will still know what song you’re doing as long as you don’t change the melody of the song too much. You can adjust it to fit your needs.

    Try harmonizing the vocals. Harmonies can be awesome if they are pulled off in the right way. Try it and see if it works. If it sounds terrible, obviously don’t debut it at a show, but feel free to play around a little bit with the vocals.

    A really fun thing to do is a medley. You can arrange a bunch of popular songs together in one 4 to 5 minute song that will have your fans on their toes! Covering a song should be fun and unique to your band. Put your own personal spin on the song. Your fans will go crazy for it!

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