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    Stop Comparing Your Music To Other Bands

    It is easy to measure your level of success by comparing yourself to other bands around you or even in the mainstream. This can lead to a lot of frustration and ill feelings when you do this. You can’t compare your level of success to anyone else. Every band and musician is different. Everyone has their own plan, their own style of music, their own little things that work (and don’t) and so many more factors. Sometimes it is as simple as who you know and if you were in the right place at the right time.

    There is no one-size-fits-all plan for musical success. Just because something worked for another band, doesn’t mean it is going to bring you the same success. It could, but there are no promises, especially not in the music industry. The music industry is a whole bunch of trial and error. There is no formula to follow that if you do X,Y & Z that you are going to be a million dollar success. What your fans demand of you may be different then what another band’s fans demand of them. They are who you need to cater to.

    You are successful in your own right, so comparing to yourself to someone with 3 Grammy nominations while you only have one local music award nomination is not far to do to you or your band members. You need to focus on the strides that you are making in a positive direction that will eventually lead you to a Grammy nomination. For now, be excited that someone acknowledged your home town success and be grateful that they did. They are all stepping stones to getting you to where you eventually want to be. Don’t let it discourage you. It will only slow you down.

    What you need to focus on is setting individual goals that you would like to achieve with your band. Start small and dream big. Think of how you can make every single one of those goals happen.

    Focus on the work that you need to put in to making this dreams a reality. Nothing good happens over night and if it does, it is probably too good to be true. Things take time, so remember that.

    As stupid as it sounds, have fun. People will start to see when you are losing your heart for music. Don’t let the industry break your soul. Keep doing what you love to do because you love doing it.

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