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    The Artists The Good Managers Won’t Work With

    Music managers have their own expectations of artists. We all know that musicians expect a lot from their managers, but did you know there are actual types of musicians that managers will refuse to work with? (At least the good managers that you would want.)

    We all know that having the dream of being a superstar is so much easier than actually being that superstar musician. A manager will not work with you if they see that you can only dream and not put in the required work or effort that is needed to make that dream a closer reality. Although you may “see yourself” doing this, if you don’t do it, it will never happen. Keep that dream in the back of your head as you work towards smaller goals that will get you to your ultimate destination.

    A manager will not work with you if your only goal is to be famous. They want to see that in 3 months you want to increase your fan base by 100 people. They want to see a goal of in the upcoming year you want to open for a national touring act in your local area. They want to see that you have realistic goals that the two of you can work on together. If you just want to be famous, get in line. So does everyone else.

    Just because you are a musicians, doesn’t mean that you are entitled to anything. If you walk around with an ego that is bigger than your success, you will walk around without a manager. No one will want to work with you, especially if you are a nobody thinking that you are a somebody. Know where you stand. No one wants to work with an egotistical jerk.

    A manager will never want to work with an artist that nothing is ever good enough. Yes, it is ok to have standards and want things done the right way, but there is a fine line between being a perfections and just being down right picky for no reason.

    Musicians, don’t be “that guy.”

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