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    The Benefits Of Vocal Training

    Not only is warming up your vocals and learning how to sing properly great for your career, but it actually has other benefits in your every day life. So singers be good to your voice and the rest of you.

    When you go for your first vocal lesson, as soon as you start singing, your teacher is going to point out your posture. You may not think posture is important when you’re singing, but it is very important. The way you stand (or sit) will determine your breathing ability and as a singer, you know how important it is to get as much air in your lungs to belt out those notes. You’ll begin to practice your posture in every second of your day. You won’t be hunched over and your body will be aligned how it should be. You might even notice you have less back and body pain.

    Now that you are walking up straight, you’ll actually start to feel like you have more confidence. Being a singer, eyes are on you and you are going to be the first one that is going to get judged. So if you are training your voice, you’re going to start to lose the anxious feeling of people judging you so badly because it’s almost like you are more prepared.

    Vocal training teaches you the correct way to breathe. Breathing correctly will actually help you feel less stressed and anxious. This is why when you do yoga, they focus a lot on your breathing while you’re stretching. It’s the same concept.

    Now that you have better posture, more confidence and better control over your breathing, you won’t have to think so much about hitting certain notes because you will be very well prepared. Now you can focus that extra energy on the audience.


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