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    The Best Jobs For Touring Musicians

    The hardest thing that we have to balance as independent musicians is working a job to pay the bills until there is a break in our music career. You will want something that is flexible. You want to look for something that will be there for you when you come back from acting all rock star.

    Working at your local coffee shop is a great job because they not only embrace your creative life style, but you can probably get a gig playing there as well. If they see you are hardworking and you give them enough notice of the dates that you need off, they should have no problem giving you the space you need with the peace of mind that you’ll have a job when you come back.

    Freelance blogging and graphic design are great jobs for you to have. Some of the work you can do, you might be able to even take with you as long as you have internet connection. Most blogs are done through WordPress or another blog site that you can literally work from anywhere. Plus, you will be spending a lot of time in the van. Why not make money while you sitting around doing nothing?

    You already know how to play music, why not be a music teacher? You can build a schedule around your life. Plus you get to spread your talent with other people. You can take on more lessons before you have to go on tour to keep extra money on the side. Plus, while you’re on tour, you can Skype your music lessons from the road. How cool would that be for your students? Taking lessons from a musician on tour?

    If you’re good at the sound board and live sound, offer your services out! It’s all cash (usually) and you can make a decent amount of money per night. Bars and clubs have live music every night. The good thing about working for yourself is that you can take the time off that you need when you need it.

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