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    The Difference Between The Pros and the Amateurs

    When we are talking about being professional versus amateur, we are not necessarily talking about being famous and not being famous. We are talking about what could be the difference in moving up between two separate bands that do things differently. Let’s take a look and see where you land, shall we?

    SOCIAL MEDIA: Yes, social media is important these days (even though as we stressed, you need an actual website.) Having a Facebook page is not enough. You need to make constant posts and posts that are going to keep your fans engaged. Trying doing a fan-based interview, where your fans have a week to ask you every weird, seriously, heartfelt question in the book and then you and your band sit down to answer them, sharing your results with your fans. It’s also a good thing to use as an interview. When your fans comment on message you, answer them back! It’s that simple.

    PRESS: Once you get the press involved, it means that there is a bit of a buzz already around your band, and they want to get on that bandwagon.  Be professional when contacting members from the press and don’t act like it’s a joke while they are taking the time out to interview. Remember, THIS WILL BE PUBLISHED, so if you are acting like an idiot, your band is going to come across like you just don’t care. If you don’t care, why should anyone else care about your band.

    MERCH: Merch is important for more than one reason. It will make your money back and then some. It also spreads the word of your band, simply by someone putting on your shirt and walking around somewhere. If someone loves your set, let them take something home with them. Shirts are cheap enough to buy and you can make a crazy profit on them. Not having merch is one of the biggest amateur moves your band can make.

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