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    The Importance Of A Good Live Sound Engineer

    You’ve sold out your local venue, practiced until your entire body hurt and lugged all of your equipment in at load in time. You are now all plugged in and ready to rock like you were born to do so. It’s as simple as that, right? Come on, you’ve been doing this long enough to know that the difference between a good sounding show and a great sounding live show is the man behind the curtain. (Well, maybe not an actual curtain)

    It is so important to have a good live sound engineer. It’s the crucial last piece of the puzzle to your live performance. Ever go to a show and the bass drum is so loud you feel like your heart might just explode in your chest? That’s all the sound engineer. They are the ones that control everything you hear from every place you sit or stand in a venue. They are your ears at a show.

    Live sound engineers have a pretty rough job. It’s not like being in a recording studio. You can’t ask a band to play that song again and again until you get the mix right. This is a one shot deal. The other obstacle is not every musician is the same. Not every singer caries a tune at the same strength and volume. Mixing a live sound board can be tricky. An engineer is battling the wailing guitar, the crashing drum cymbals, the deep driving bass and all while making sure the singer is heard and that the vocals sound clear.

    Nothing is worse than going to a show where everything sounds like it’s under water due to bad mixing. It can really make or break your gig. It’s so important to communicate with your live sound engineer. You don’t want all of your efforts flushed down the toilet because your fans hear a jumbled mess that doesn’t represent you or your music.

    [Reprinted From: http://musiced.about.com]

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