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    The Lost Art Of Songwriting

    It’s like the question what came first, the chicken or the egg? People often wonder do songwriters create the music or the lyrics first. We believe it’s the heart for most musicians. Writing a song can be work or it can hit you like a freight train going a thousand miles an hours down the tracks. Some people wake up with an idea in the head, while others set time aside in their day to sit down with their instrument, a paper and a pen.

    Emotions inspire us. Heart break inspires us. Past and present experience will inspire us. When we are writing from the heart, our song usually reflects something that we are currently feeling. It is an outlet. A form of release that most people will never understand unless they have a creative spirit. It’s something that is actually hard to explain. You will get that vibe when you read or hear the answers of a musician’s interview about their songwriting process. Everyone is different and no two musicians will write the same way.

    So, you feel like writing your first song. Take all of that energy that you feel building up inside and just start free writing. Not sure what we are talking about? Free writing is literally just writing down everything without stopping. There is no rhyme or reason. You just write. You keep writing until your mind goes blank. It’s said to be your purest form of emotion. Actually, a lot of therapist make their “clients” do this in order to get down to the deeper root of their problems. It’s like a written from of meditation.

    From these jumbled letters that create words that lead to a sentence, turn it into your song. Not all songs have to rhyme, so don’t get hung up on that. Now, begin to hear that song in your head. Find your melody. Put those words that are all over the place into a structure that makes some sort of sense to you. Yes, typically you write in versus and a chorus, but for now, just gather those thoughts together.

    Congratulations, you now have a base for your song. You have put your heart to paper. Lyrics, music, genre and everything else that goes into a song is really all a matter to the listener’s preference. When writing a song, write for you. Write what you feel. The people willing to listen will fall into place, just like your song.

    Happy writing!

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