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    The Wonderful People You’ll Meet On Tour!

    When you’re heading out on the road, driving through different towns on the way, the only thing that is going to really change around you is the scenery. You will run into hundreds, if not thousands of people, but you can pretty much put everyone you meet while you are out on the road into five different categories.

    The people you live for. Your super fans. The people that make sure they get front row and center every time you play. The people that scream along to every lyric that you ever wrote and beg for one more song. These are the people that wait outside of the venue near your van hoping that you will give them two seconds of your time. Sometimes it can be a little creepy, but these are the people that you want at all of your shows. These are the people that make you successful. Embrace the creep!

    The completely drunk fans. These are the people that you can smell from a mile away. Of course you are going to want to party a little harder while you’re out on the road. It almost comes with the lifestyle of being on tour. These are the people that are looking to party with you after the show. Just make sure you go as a group if you decide to go with them.

    The people that failed you as a promoter. If you are doing this on your own, odds are you will roll up to a club that is not expecting you at all. You probably spoke to some flake at the club that you called 17 times once you reached the venue to figure out what the hell is going on. They did no promotion to help you out and you’re wondering if anyone is even going to show up to this show.

    It is almost certain that you will need a mechanic at some point on your road of adventure. Some will rob you blind and some are the best people you will meet. It’s going to frustrate you, but at the end of the day, you’ll remember why you are doing what you’re doing. Your super fans!! Creepy or not, they are awesome!

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