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    The Photos You Should Share With Your Fans

    We all know that keeping up on our social media pages is important. Posting pictures is a great way to do so. There are actually some types of photos that you should and shouldn’t share with your fans. Fans want to see many different aspects of your life. They like to know the person behind the musician. This is what makes fans love you and turn into the wanted super fan.

    Photos of your band performing are a given. People like what to see what they missed if they couldn’t make it out to a show.

    Photos during sound checks, your name on a venue marquee and backstage photos are a great way to give your fans a little glimpse of your last moments before hitting the stage.

    Album covers and concert posters are a great thing to promote with pictures. It allows people to share your stuff so other people are aware of what is going on with your band.

    Your fans who are musicians will definitely appreciate photos of your instruments, new purchases and all of the gear that you want to get. Hey, you never know. The right people might see these and you could get a sponsorship.

    Taking photos of and with your fans are awesome posts. If you have a crowded room, take a few seconds on stage and snap a picture of everyone! Let your fans tag themselves in the photo. You will make them feel like they are part of something bigger than just being in the crowd.

    Studio shots are great! Fans want to see how the album was created and not that just a wonderful master piece landed on their iPod. Most people don’t understand all of the work that goes into making an album, so this is a good window to allow your fans to look in.

    Post your band logo! Remember, your band is a brand. Sharing your logo will give something for people to identify your band with.

    When you get new merch, post a picture! Get fans excited about what they can expect to grab at the next show!

    Posting pictures should be a way to interact with your fans!

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