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    The Power Of College Radio

    As an independent artist, college radio is a great way for you to begin to reach out to public ears. As an independent artist it is important to begin to build your fan base with the power of college radio.

    The best way to promote your album nationally on college radio is to focus on that stations that report to CMJ. This will allow you to have the best opportunity to get yourself a coveted spot on the CMJ chart. It’s kind of like the Billboard Music Chart, but for college radio.

    The biggest mistake musicians make when submitting their music into college radio, is that they are not sending it to the right people. Stop wasting your time sending your CD to the radio DJ. You should be sending your CD to the radio station’s music director.

    College radio is essential to the indie music scene. College stations are dedicated to playing new music and, unlike bigger stations, they have the freedom to spin great new music based on its merit rather than advertising dollars or anything else.

    As an indie band, radio results can be used to boost your accolades and make yourself more attractive to venue promoters, management, labels, press, music supervisors, etc. And if you’re a touring band, you can use radio to guide your way into new markets and have the station(s) as an ally in those new markets.  It is a huge avenue to promote shows and upcoming events. Most stations even have live performances, which are actually a lot of fun to do. The DJ will play your music and do an interview with you. This is your moment for all the shameless promotion you are looking for.

    Tap in to all of the power that college radio stations hold for indie musicians. Reach all the new fans at your finger tips!

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