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    The Power Of Music and Benefits

    Music is something that can bring a large group of people together. Why not use that power to attract a large group for the greater good? Benefit shows are not only a great way to raise awareness and money for a specific cause, but it is a great way to grow your fan base.  A benefit show is not just a place where just your fans will come to see you play. This is an opportunity just as much for you as it is for the organization or cause that you are trying to raise money for.

    By playing these more diversified shows, you are getting to play a show with bands that you may not normally get to share a performance bill with. Different bands = different crowds = new people hear your music = new fans.  Do you see that math equation? That is all good for your band. Playing with new bands also give you more of a musical connection. You can book future gigs with certain bands that you like or that fit into your genre. It might open a door to a new venue for you that you weren’t able to get into because you didn’t have enough of a pull to get there yourself.

    Benefit shows also seem to get a lot of attention from the press. Everyone likes to read about the good things that are happening in the community.  Not only does the local newspaper write up an article about you, but that show with your band’s name on it is promoted in a hundred different avenues.  The venue will promote the show, the other bands will promote the show and the actually organization will promote that show. These are all new people that will be seeing your name and hopefully curiosity will lead them to your music page to take a listen.

    Benefit shows are a win, win for everyone. You as a band get to open the door to new fans and opportunities all while you are raising money and awareness to help someone or something in a time of need.

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