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    The Promotion Check List Your Band Needs

    Working as an independent musician, you are doing a lot, if not everything on your own. It’s best to work off of a checklist. We would like to think that it is easier to follow. Don’t have a check list for your promotional dos? We are here to offer you some suggestions on the promotion check list that your band needs.

    A month before your next gig, get all of your promotional material together and ready to go. Isn’t the most important thing getting people to know about this show?  This is when you should start sending out feelers to the press and getting yourself on the community calendar for some free promotion. Make people aware that you have a show coming up!

    About three weeks before the show is when you should start mapping out how you are going to tackle your social media promotion. What videos are you going to post? What sort of interaction will you have with your fans the weeks leading up tot the show? What kind of pictures and flyers are you going to post? Make sure that all of this is ready to go!

    Two weeks before you show, start promoting your ads to everyone. Really put everything in front of their face so you are in the front of their mind as your show gets closer.

    The week of the show is when you really need to get everyone involved in sharing your show. Have your friends, family and fans share your event on social media to get more and more people to see your event is happened. The more people that see it, the more people that will come out to the show to support your band. Really push everything the end of the second week and the week leading to show time!

    The more you promote and in more locations, the bigger your turn out will be!

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