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    The Qualities You Need To Look For In A Booking Agent

    A booking agent can be a very important part of your career especially if you are trying to get out of your home town and begin touring. It takes a special kind of person to actually be good at booking you shows. It takes more than just making a few phone calls and sending out some e-mails.  Here are a few qualities you should be looking for when hiring a booking agent.

    Venue Relationships:
    What kind of relationships do they have with venues that you are actually looking to play at? If the booking agent only has connections with places that you can probably get  into yourself, don’t waste your time or money. If you find someone who works with bigger artists and has more of an in at those places you go see shows at, then this might be the person to hook up with.

    Anyone can write an e-mail or make a phone call. You’ve been doing it your whole career at this point to book your band your gigs, but experience does come into play. A good book agent knows exactly how to sell you because they have been doing it for a while and they know what these venues want to know about you.

    Your booking agent needs to be organized, especially if they are booking you a lot of shows and if they have other clients. You don’t want lost e-mails or unable to find your contracts of agreement to play or any of the minor details that go into actually playing the show. You want to know that your booking agent has all of the information right at their finger tips and they know exactly where to find it.

    Someone Who Is Active And Loves Music:
    You want someone who is known in the scene as well as their love for music. It’s hard to sell something you don’t have a passion for and actually be good at it. Find someone who truly enjoys music. They will be your best fit.


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