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    The Reality Of Doing Your Own PR: Part Two

    99% of all Indie artists have done their own PR for their band at some point. As you know, it actually takes a lot of time and time away from focusing on being the creative musician that you are trying to be. It’s definitely a 24/7/365 kind of a job and shouldn’t be looked at any differently. We understand that you are probably not at the point where you are making a lot of money and you’re just thinking, I can handle it, but PR is more than just sending out a few e-mails to people. To be a successful publicist for a band you really need to build relationships with a lot of people and that will eat up your time faster than you can imagine. So, here is the reality of doing your own PR.

    Guess what? Writers will become the only people that you will talk to. If you’re just starting out, you are going to be spending a lot of time developing a good relationship with these writers. You need to start the groundwork somewhere with these people and that take a lot of communication. You will be spending a lot of time e-mailing these people, calling them and trying to get your name on their good side, so they will give you the time of day when it comes time to getting your band some press. Again, remember, answering these emails and phone calls back almost immediately is very important. Really consider if this is something that your band can take on at the moment or if you’re better off hiring someone else.

    A half assed bio of your band will no longer cut it when you’re trying to make it in the real world. You need to write one hell of an epic bio that tells the world who you truly are as a band all while sound professional! If you have a bad bio, people will skip write over you and all of the hours you spent building up a relationship will be shot dead to the ground. Really concentrate on developing a great band bio. That is like the cover letter to your resume. Once you have an excellent bio, make sure people can find it on all of your social media sites and your website.


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