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    The Unofficial Band Members Every Band Needs

    Behind every great band is a great group of people. Just because they don’t get up on stage with you doesn’t mean that they aren’t part of the band. There is a list of unofficial people that you should consider having in your band without actually being in your band.

    Every good band needs a good photographer. Whether it be a friend who loves taking pictures or someone a little more professional that likes to follow your band around, make sure you have pictures to document every show that you take. You’ll be glad you have them for marketing and media purposes.

    Management or the band parent. It’s always good to have someone as an outsider to look in on the band and to see things from a different angle. They are also good to use as a peace maker if your band is starting to have their own internal issues. An outsider is always something good to have because they can give you a third party perspective. You also want someone who will look out for your career and your best interest.

    As a band, you will always need posters, t-shirt logos, etc. It’s good to know someone who is willing to do all of your artistic work for you. Artists and graphic designers don’t come cheap, so if you know someone willing to help out, use them to your full advantage. It’s always good to stay on top of the scene while sticking with your brand.

    Superfans not only want to buy everything you have every touched and know everything about you and every song they wrote, but they are truly dedicated to everything about you. The more superfans you have, the better. They will bring people to your shows. They will be the ones that make you feel like you are famous without being famous. They will more than likely promote you without even having to hire them to promote you because they believe in your music that much. They are the ones singing all of your words back to you and getting the crowd into your music as much as you are. Keep your super fans close!

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