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    The Unspoken Rules Of Sound Checks

    You may not think the sound check is important before a show or that it is annoying to show up way before you are actually due to play, but it is so important to everyone that you actually do your sound check. Believe it or not, there are some unspoken rules for a sound check. We will fill you in on the secret.

    Yes, you have to show up early for a show to get the sound check done. So when you arrive, make sure you unload your car or van as soon as you get there. Don’t take your time because you feel it isn’t important. Don’t park and go walk off to go get something to eat. Get to the venue, park and load all of your gear in to wear it should be as soon as you get there.

    Sure, you may be playing at a local bar, but you’re no rock star either. Make sure you treat the sound people there with respect and professionally. They are ultimately the people that can make you sound really good or really bad. You never want to piss off the sound guy. Trust us. It’s no fun on stage when you can’t hear yourself or your sound is mixed terribly to the audience. It’s like being rude to the person that is serving you food…

    Make sure you sound check with the same song every single time you do a sound check. This is important because then you will know exactly what you are looking for as a band. All of your songs have different dynamics, so if you are sound checking with different songs every night you might not get the consistency you are looking for.

    Before you even get to a venue, ask about the back line. Will a drum set be provided. Do you have to bring your own cymbals and hardware? Are there amps available for you to use or will you be bringing your own. You don’t want any surprises when you get to your show, so make sure you know exactly what is needed.


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