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    The Voice: Blind Auditions

    Singing competitions have made their way into TVs across the world over the last ten years and continue to grow in popularity. What separates one show from the next? They both offer great exposure, a recording contract and money to the coveted winner. The Voice takes their audition round a little differently than other shows that are similar. They have the blind audition. Personally we think this is probably the best way to go about truly picking someone for the singing ability.

    Unlike other shows, The Voice allows you 90 seconds to walk out on stage and impress four judges with only your voice. You can be seven feet tall, purple and wearing a hundred patterns that don’t match, but what will get a celebrity judge and their chair to turn around is what comes out of your mouth when the music starts to play. This is truly the one competition that will allow you to move on to the next level based entirely on your voice. Some of the other shows might let you pass through because you’re cute or because you look like you have “IT” and they can help you work on your voice.

    The Voice, perhaps noticing the staying power of American Idol post Simon Cowell, has decided to create a gentler audition process that welcomes all types and ages. NBC’s show has also steered clear of the open audition, thereby avoiding the countless exhibitionists seeking their two minutes of fame, which Idol is always way too eager to grant.

    Yes, it all sounds very amicable and unbiased, but several of the coaches voiced their regret over not picking a contestant after seeing them. Of course, once the audition process is completed, there’s nothing stopping the coaches from booting those contestants who do not pass the aesthetics test, since they eventually eliminate half of their 8-person team, after which America will ultimately vote for the best singer out of the four teams. We all know how unaffected Americans are by appearances, right?

    The Voice has the idea right. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Instead, we need to let the pages speak (or in this case sing) to see if it has potential or not.

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