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    Tips To Selling Out Your Show

    When we book a show our intention is to sell out the venue. Not only does it make you money, but it gives your band a status that lets other venues know that you can draw a crowd. This is good for you. Club promoters will be sending you e-mails offering you great Saturday night shows. It not only gives you a chance to keep your momentum, but it brings in a lot of money to the clubs.  We have some tips to help you sell out your shows.

    Until you are famous, spread out your shows. Even if your favorite band played in your city every week you wouldn’t go see them. What makes you think your friends and fans will want to come see you every other weekend at various bars around town? They’ll just think “eh I’ll hit the next one. They play all the time!” Space yourself out. This also gives you time to practice and work on new songs in between.

    Get a street team for your band. The more people who work on the show the more people will be invested in its overall success. Use social media to help your street team. Passing out flyers and hanging up posters around the area is great and will do you a world a good. On the other hand, if you have 10 people sharing your show information, that will reach a lot of people. (More than you think.) Spread the word however you can.

    Start selling tickets to your show as soon as you can. People are more inclined to actually attend a show if they already have a ticket. Use contests to help you sell tickets. For example, if you buy 4 tickets you get a free sticker. If you buy 6 or more tickets, you get a t-shirt or a CD.  This will allow for groups of people to come out to your event and that’s what you want. Those 6 tickets sold, will quickly turn into another 4 at the door. People are always looking for something to do and like to tag-a-long with a group of friends.

    Don’t be afraid to reach out to local radio stations. College radio stations will usually give a shout out to all of the local events going on for the week, so make sure you are on the list. Don’t be afraid to hit up the local paper either. You’ll be surprised at the response you may get.

    Promotion is key when it comes to bringing people out to a show.  The week of the show, start posting one minute clips of your music to get people hyped up. Now get to it! Go sell out your next show!

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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