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    Tribute To The Roadie: First To Arrive, Last To Leave

    The roadie. They are the first to arrive to take the stage and the last ones to leave the venue. They are the hard working people that carry in all of your equipment. They set it up just the way you like it on stage. They will plug you in, tune you up and make sure everything is in running order so you can walk your pretty self out on stage and take control of the crowd the way you were born to do.

    The roadie becomes a part of the band family. Some more so than others. Our favorite example is the late Brian Farmer, Warren Hayne’s right hand man. He would come out and basically warm up the crowd, while running around the stage with cables, tape and all of Warren’s equipment. He would stand in front of the microphone while tuning the guitars and make jokes and talk to the patiently waiting fans. Everyone at a Gov’t Mule show knew his name and would call it out as if he were part of the band. Unfortunately, Brian Farmer passed away this year right after keeping things in order at the Peach Music Festival this August. Not only was the band heart broken, but everyone that come across his path.

    Sometimes when we go to a show we forget all of the prep work that actually goes in to making that show happen. It may be fun to tour all over the world with the band, but it’s a lot of hard work. As a roadie, you are working before, during and after the show. You are making sure that if a string breaks, you’re ready to run out there with another guitar all tuned and ready to go. You are making sure that your band has everything that they need in the snap of a finger. We salute all of the hardworking roadies out there! We thank you for being the last people to walk out of that venue after an amazing show was just performed.

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