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    U2 And Apple: Together Making The World Angry

    If you have checked out your iTunes account recently, chances are you have noticed that you have a new album sitting in your account. U2 has teamed up with Apple to give everyone who has an iTunes account a free copy of their new album, “Songs of Innocents”

    Most people love free things! In many circumstances we would have enjoyed this one too, if we had a choice. Instead U2 and Apple took it upon themselves to force feed everyone who has an iTunes account with their music. U2 claims they just want everyone to hear their music. Well, their arrogant and egotistical idea can take a walk.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook may have called it the “biggest album launch of all time” But not only did U2 and Apple piss off everyone by just adding this playlist, they made it so you were unable to delete it! People complained so much about the intrusion on their account that Apple had to counteract this with the option to erase the tracks off of their account. U2, if we wanted your music, we would have downloaded it on our own time. Now we are taking our time to get your music off of our devices.

    People took their anger out on Twitter and Facebook asking other users how to get this “gift” out of their music library. Some of the Tweets were actually quite funny.  For example:

    Tweet: “Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. F— you, now you own a U2 album”

    Or this one:

    Tweet: “Anyone know how I could have 12 recordings of myself farting appear in Bono’s iTunes”

    Jokes aside, the real reason people are upset with this entire plan is that they feel like their privacy was violated. U2 was able to access Apple’s iCloud to upload their new album on to every single Apple product linked to an iTunes account. Maybe they didn’t think it was good enough to actually sell their music this time around.

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