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    Use Bonus Tracks To Sell More Albums

    Having your album released is the best way for people to hear your music anytime they want. If you are noticing that your album sales are coming to a halt, you may want to think about bonus tracks for your album. They are a great way to get people reconnected to your music.

    A few suggestions of bonus tracks for your album are Cover Songs, Unreleased, acoustic or alternative versions of some of your songs, Remixes of your songs and out takes or random clips of you in the studio.

    When you include something or special in your album release, it will make people want to buy your album even more. Anyone can release a CD with a certain amount of songs. The little extras are what allow you to continue selling your music.

    Some artists even add a bonus video feature of backstage footage at a show or footage of you recording your album. People can just pop the CD into the computer and watch the magic of everything that goes into making your band more personal.

    The great thing about having your album online for sale, is that once you have an album uploaded, you can easily add a track or a few tracks later down the road. This will offer your fans more options when they are ready to purchase your album. Or if they have already purchased your album, they can buy these special bonus tracks that are linked to that CD.

    You want to keep your fans and listeners engaged in what you are doing and give them the most current music that you can. Backstage footage is something fans are always curious about because they want to know what you’re like when you’re not on stage.

    This is just a little food for thought. You can even ask your fans what cover songs they would like to hear you play for a bonus track!

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