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    How To Behave On The Road So Your Band Doesn’t Hate You

    Being cramped in a car with anyone for hours or even days isn’t fun. You are literally stuck in one space, breathing each other’s air for long stretches of time. We all have out little annoying habits that are bound to drive anyone crazy after a period of time.  Let’s try to eliminate that as much as possible for our band mates so they don’t want to punch us in the face when we get on stage. It all boils down to common courtesy.

    Designate a different member of your band to be the driver for the night. The last thing you want to think about after rocking out a venue is driving. You want to be able to knock back a few drinks and celebrate with your bands and your fans the success of your show. It is important to make sure that one person is able to get you out of that club safely.

    Make sure to carry your stuff off of the stage. This is not only good for your band, but it is good for the venue too. They also want to go home after the show.  You can either all do it together, or pick one or two people per show to have that as their responsibility. If you’re lucky enough, consider hiring a roadie to take care of all of your stage equipment needs.

    Ok, we get it. Everyone has their favorite pair of shoes or and old shirt that is a comfort zone to them. Here is the other thing, no one wants to be stuck in a van with you for 7 hours with the smell of those old shoes. Think about the people around you for the moment. They will appreciate you more than you’ll think.

    Before you hit the road, everyone meet up and come up with what snacks and drinks should be loaded in. Don’t just pick one person to do all of the shopping at their discretion. If that person only likes to eat chips and soda and you would rather eat carrots, guess what? You’re stuck eating chips on the road. Make a band food shopping list and get everything that everyone wants. No one like’s a hungry band member.

    Same thing goes for the music while you’re driving. Hopefully you all have the same taste in music, but if you don’t it’s fair to take turns listening to what everyone likes. We would recommend that whoever is driving gets to pick the music. That way every day, the selection changes.

    Try and stay peaceful. You are all under a lot of stress while touring. Have Fun!

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