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    Warm Up Those Vocals Before A Show!!

    Just like any other muscle, your vocal chords need to be stretched and warm before taking the stage like a rock star. If we had to guess, probably half of the singers out there don’t do this. Here are some simple things that you can do to keep your voice safe!

    The lip bubble not only warms up those chords quickly but it is great at releasing vocal tension!

    1. Put your fingers into your cheeks near your lips on both sides of your mouth.
    2. Relax your lips, jaw, and tongue.
    3. Blow a raspberry without any sound until you can get that going consistently without breaking the flow of air.
    4. Add an “ahhh” sound while you are doing the lip bubble.

    This next one is known as the elevator slide! Use this to smooth out your voice and eliminate any cracking that might happen while you’re transitioning through your vocal range. It is as simple as it sounds. An elevator goes up and down. You want to go from low to high and high to low. It’s one of the most common exercises that you can do.

    You might night think so, but the use of your tongue will cause tension on your throat. Make sure to roll your R’s out before singing. If you are causing tension on your vocal chords you could easily strain them while you’re singing, even if you warm them up.

    Another good one is an Octave jump. So, pick a note, hit it and then jump up to the next Octave for that note. Start low and then jump two, three if you possibly can.

    Every watch the Sound of Music? We all know Doh Re Me Fah So La Te Doh! Keep doing that in different ranges to really open yourself up and hit every note with out serious effort before you go out there to belt your heart out!

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