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    Ways To Create A Hype On Social Media

    When you’re an independent musician sometimes marketing your music can be tough, especially if you aren’t 100% sure about how to go about it the right way. You worry about gaining new followers, if anyone is going to be as excited about your posts as you are and will they share them to help spread the word to even more people. So how do you create a hype about your band using social media?

    Team up with people that think like you do. What bands are closest to you and your success level? What other bands are you interested in? Associate yourself with people that are pushing themselves hard for the same goal. It’s okay to collaborate with these people. If you name drop another band and show your support, odds are they will return the favor and blast your band name in a few posts of theirs. Their fans are going to want to check you out because the band that they love is endorsing you.

    You can post 100 times a day, but if you aren’t interacting, it is going to do you little to no good. Engaging with your fans means that they will be more way more likely to come back to your page and drop by a show. If a fan asks a question or makes a request, follow through with it!

    Contests are always a great way to engage people to head over to your page. Offer a free T-shirt or CD. “Anyone that shares this post will be put in to a drawing to win a free hangout with the band before a show.” Allow your fans into your world. Incentive talks, so put out. Teaming up with another artist is a great way to grow your network as well. Have a local artist draw up your next shirt design for a limited edition series. The artist will plug you because they will want to see more people engaged in their own personal work which will benefit you!

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