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    What It’s Like To Be An Independent Working Musician [A Blog From Autumn City]

    There comes a point in your career, even as an indie artist, that you can look back and actually see all that you have accomplished. It may seem small to people making millions, but they once stood where you are standing now.  I look back on when we started Autumn City at 2014. We were playing small coffee houses, local bars and the occasional club. Only our friends were coming out to see us and a few of our old fans from our previous band…

    Needless to say, we were shocked when we sold 175 tickets to sell out our CD release party in early 2015 with a waiting list. In just one year, all of the times we played local shops and small places, we were actually creating a following. It was all of the hard work we put in to promoting the band during 2014 that got us to the point that we are now in 2015. Even something as simple as Facebook, we went from 200 likes to 1,200 likes in a single year. Sure, that may not seem like a lot, but again, numbers show progress. You can’t argue with them.

    We are being asked to constantly play bigger shows and open for well known people. Is it our sound? Probably. I always believed that if you created enough of a hype about something, that everyone else is going to catch on. Once that hype is created, it is up to you to give weight and value to it by making it true. The music industry is not easy. You are working a full time job and in my case a part time job as well. You are trying to practice your old songs to keep them tight, while writing new songs to keep your live performances fresh. You are trying to fit work, family, band practice, shows, travel, promoting and everything else the people on the outside (and sometimes the inside) don’t see in a very short 24 hour day. Your answering phone calls, e-mails and texts while having dinner with your family or just take 5 minutes to sit down and relax. Your life is a constant distraction.

    Sometimes I sit on the couch thinking I have nothing to do and then I think, “How many things am I actually forgetting to do right now.” Your calendar begins to fill up so quickly with practice, gigs, photoshoots, interviews, deadlines and writing that you have to push your mom off for 3 months just to have a Sunday brunch, and brunch is all you can give her because that is more than all of the time you have.

    People don’t understand the sacrifice that the non famous musician have to make. We don’t get to rest. We don’t have the chance to live without guilt. We are always cancelling something to replace it with something else, while we are missing out on something that we would probably rather be doing.  Some weekends we could cry because we just want to be home doing absolutely nothing or just out hiking around and breathing in the air. We have to decide if we go to a wedding or take an important gig. We have to cancel weekend getaways because a gig that could lead to a greater opportunity comes up. We have to push off practice and song writing because our day jobs hold us late.

    Do we love what we do? With all of our heart and soul.
    I can’t see a day in my life where I don’t dream of the big stages, the huge crowd of fans and the millions of albums sold.
    Music is in my blood. It always has been and it always will be.
    So we keep pushing.. we keep pushing until we make it or we just can’t push anymore…


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