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    What Makes A Great Studio Musician?

    Studio musicians have the potential to make a lot of money without any real recognition to the general public and without setting foot out on stage. It is a great career if performing live isn’t something that is for you. So, what makes a great studio musician? We have a few common traits in all studio musicians that make them stand out from the rest.

    A great studio musician needs to be able to be versatile and be able to read music like it’s their first language. It is important that you know how to play more than one style and more than one style well. This will give you the ability to have any musician hand you sheet music and have you be able to play it better than they heard it in their head.

    If you want to play the part of being a great studio musician, you need to have great equipment. In music equipment, you truly do get what you pay for. There is no going with the store brand on this one. The money that you invest in your musical instruments will matter in the end. Remember, if you become one of the great studio musicians, you won’t have the think twice about sticker prices after your paycheck from one session. Invest now. It will come back to you later.

    Ok, so we all know how much we would rather work with someone who is easy, laid back and only has a small ego. No one wants to work with someone who is difficult, demanding or anything that is going to make the recording process simply miserable. Your personality will take you a long way as a studio musician. You should be able to take suggestions on how things should be changed. Remember, you’re playing a part on some one else’s vision. You are technically there to use your talent to play for someone else. So lose the ego and the attitude, chill out and play some great music.

    A great studio musician knows recording studio etiquette. This means showing up on time, being prepared, having all of your equipment in working order… You are not the center of attention here.

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