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    What To Talk About On Social Media Besides Your Music

    It’s important to keep our music sites up to date with information about our music, new releases, shows and your awesome new merchandise. To keep your fans truly interested in you, you need to talk about other topics. Here are a few things that you should talk about on social media besides your music.

    You can post about something as simple as how your day was. Try to stay away from anything too heavy, like politics, but feel free to share a cool experience that you had during the day. Talk about this great little place you stopped for lunch that you have always wanted to go to. If your band happened to have an outing together, write about your day together. Your fans always want to see you more than just a musician.

    Did you read any interesting articles lately? Share them and have a discussion. Again, you want to keep the topics light because you don’t want an argument breaking out on your fan page. It is a great way to interact with your fans as well as sharing something that interests you besides music.

    Post about other bands that you like, famous or local. Most likely a local band will give you a shout out on your page, but you are also sharing the music that you listen to with your fans. Post about songs or artists that inspire you. It’s always great to share music with other people, band or no band. People are always looking for something good to listen to. If they like your music, chances are that they will like the music that you listen to.

    As always, feel free to ask your fans questions. Even better, have them ask you questions! Make your own interview from the questions that your fans ask you. It’s fun for them, you’ll get questions you probably won’t get in a regular interview and you can actually use this interview as press.

    Happy posting!


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