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    What You Need To Know About Band Member Agreements

    Being in a band is an awesome thing. You start playing together. You start to play more shows. You’re now starting to develop more of a following and you’re getting ready to go into the studio. Yes, you all may be in great spirits and getting along perfectly, but it is still very important to have an agreement between each other.

    When you’re starting out, you need to decide who is almost going to be the band spokesperson. How are you going to make decisions that have to deal with your band. Is one person going to be in change of the business end of it or will you be sitting down and taking a vote? It’s important that everyone in the band agrees with how things are going to be settled when it comes to doing the business side of the music business. If you don’t have an agreement, this will lead to many arguments down the road and cause a lot of tension between your band.

    Let’s talk money. You have to decide how you will be splitting your money. Live shows, you will probably evenly divide, as well as your merchandise sales. What about when you put out an album? Is there only one true song writer in the group and will they get a bigger cut of your CD sales and downloads or will you still agree to divide everything evenly. This is a very important thing to discuss before anything gets too serious and real money starts coming in.

    Dealing with kicking a band member out or allowing a new band member to come in. You want to make sure that you feel the same way about this one, as it will affect the chemistry you and your band mates have right now. If someone truly isn’t working in your band, you need to decide as a band how you are going to handle this.



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