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    What You Need To Make It As A Band: Part 1

    There are many things that go into actually making into the music industry. Let’s shift on focus to what you actually need to make it as a band. Sometimes you can have everything else, but if your band is wrong, it’s just not going to work.

    As a band, you need to write good songs (and we mean GOOOD songs.) You need something that will leave people singing them when they leave. You want people to like your music enough to buy your album and listen to it on their way to everywhere. You want someone to get in that person’s car and ask “Who is this?” You want that person to say, “Hey, that is Autumn City and you need to come check them out next time they are around.” THOSE are the songs that will get passed around and eventually create enough of a buzz around you that you’ll get picked up. If someone in the band isn’t pulling that weight, it might be time to try some auditions.

    So now you have the songs and you have people coming to see your show. Great! It doesn’t stop there. If people wanted to just hear you, they could have stayed at home, saved a lot of money on beer and listened to your CD. This is your chance to show your fans that you can perform the hell out of your songs. This is the chance that you get to actually touch another person’s soul and actually watch it happen. You know how you feed off of the crowd’s energy? Guess what! They are doing the same with your energy and odds are, they are waiting for you to give them something. Make every performance something that they remember. Be ALIVE up on stage. We hate bands that just stand up there in play. Go back to the garage if you want to do that. Perform like you breathe everyone of your own songs (which you should.)


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